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MiniPaint :: Custom Clipart

One of the most important improvements that have been incorporated in MiniPaint is the ability to include custom clipart. In this brief tutorial we will show the way as simple to do this.

1. Confirm that you have at least the version 1.1.9. Click the MiniPaint icon, press the BB button and select "About".

Custom clipart

If neccesary, update your MiniPaint software using the following link:

2. Edit your custom image so that meets these requirements:

* Size 160 x 160 pixels
* Transparent
* PNG format
* Named clipart-custom-something.png

By example, this is the image (clipart-custom-my-flower.png) that will be added to MiniPaint.

Custom clipart

3. Connect your BlackBerry device to the computer.

4. Locate the "minipaint" folder into your USB drive in your BB device.

Custom clipart

5. Copy your custom image to the "minipaint" folder.

Custom clipart

6. DISCONNECT your BlackBerry device from the computer.

7. Click the MiniPaint icon, press the BB button and select "Clipart gallery". Press the BB button and select "Load from SDCard".

Custom clipart

8. Ready, that's all!, now you can edit your favorite photo, your new image will be present in the clipart gallery.

Custom clipart