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MiniPaint :: FAQ
  • What is MiniPaint?

    A small image editor for BlackBerry devices.

  • Does it work on all blackberry devices?

    No, it requires at least an operating system 4.5 and a minimun screen of 320x240. 

  • Does it work on BlackBerry Storm?

    Yes, we have a beta version for these devices.

  • Does it work on BlackBerry Pearl?

    Not, due to the dimensions of the screen.

  • How much?

    The cost of the license is 4.99USD. You can purchase the license in the Mobihand App Stores.

  • How do I get this program?

    MiniPaint will be available at BlackBerry App World. However the better place to download is our web site. You always will find the lastest updates here. Please check the Downloads section.

  • Is there a user guide for this program?

    Yes, please check the left menu in this page.

  • I saved a image, but can't find it. Where it was stored?

    The images created by MiniPaint are stored in the same directory as the original image.


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